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Innovation Styles Questionnaire - ATD

Welcome to the Innovation Styles Questionnaire!

Welcome to the Innovation Styles® Questionnaire!

Welcome to the Innovation Styles® Questionnaire!

With this questionnaire you will learn about your unique mixture of four distinct styles of innovative thinking.

Your results do not measure your "level" of innovativeness, rather they measure your preferences and tendencies for thinking innovatively.

This questionnaire is based upon three premises:
    1. Each of us has the ability to be innovative. Therefore, the main issue is not “ARE you innovative?” but rather “HOW are you innovative?”
    2. As individuals, we may have equal potential for being innovative, yet have different ways of thinking innovatively
    3. All 4 styles of innovative thinking are essential to the innovation process

There are no right or wrong answers with this questionnaire. It's important that you respond as you actually feel, not as you might think is "ideal.” Your own, true profile is what counts most for you.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to gain new insights!
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